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yobo体育app官方下载_聚焦青训选材 :我们要建立符合中国青少年发展的选材体系
名称:yobo体育app官方下载_聚焦青训选材 :我们要建立符合中国青少年发展的选材体系

During this period of time, the enrollment guidelines of domestic youth training institutions can be described as overwhelming. With more and more attention to youth training today, the fight for football seedlings has become a battle without gunsmoke. Of course, different youth training institutions also have their own uniqueness in selecting talents.


With economic development, the people have also put forward higher demands for cultural life on the premise of solving the problem of food and clothing. The training of children is not only limited to learning cultural knowledge. Sports such as football that are beneficial to physical and mental health have also gained more and more attention. The more respected parents. In the society, football interest organizations or youth football training organizations for the general public do not aim at cultivating professional players. Their existence value is to play a role in popularizing football on the basis of profit, so their selection is often Anyone who will come will not refuse, as long as your child is interested in football, you can join with the money. Of course, if you encounter someone with particularly good physical fitness and a certain football IQ, they will also recommend it to a higher-level professional youth training organization.


Higher-level professional youth training institutions, that is, the major football schools and clubs that are really responsible for delivering talents to Chinese professional clubs, what is their selection philosophy?


The founder of Genbao Base, Xu Genbao, once revealed his selection criteria in a TV program: "My selection criteria are three-pointed. One is that you have a good technical consciousness and you have the talent to play football; the other is that you have good physical fitness, speed and endurance. Important, there is no way to improve without speed, and no matter how good the technology is; the third point is the character style, bad character, lazy, timid, and not seeking improvement, these are not good. Good character can go far. This is very important, and it is what we value most in the training process." In a nutshell, first look at character, technology looks at the ball, consciousness looks at the brain, and the body looks at speed.


Hebei China Fortune Club once did a topic on youth training, which mentioned that the selection of talents focuses on physical fitness, technical ability and spiritual attributes. Among them, physical fitness is the basis of everything. The article specifically quoted an interview with "German football youth training godfather" Podo Menze "Running fast is a prerequisite for football, which is also in line with the laws of football." Obviously, in the body In the quality item, Hebei Huaxia Happiness also values ​​speed. The mental attributes include options such as imagination, desire to win, and teamwork, and these require scouts to summarize and judge through actual combat observations.

河北中国财富俱乐部曾经做过一个关于青年培训的话题,其中提到选拔人才的重点是身体素质,技术能力和精神属性。其中,身体健康是一切的基础。文章特别引用了接受《德国足球青年训练教父》波多·门泽(Podo Menze)的采访时说:“快跑是足球的先决条件,这也符合足球法则。”显然,在身体素质项目中,河北华夏幸福还看重速度。精神属性包括各种选择,例如想象力,获胜欲望和团队合作精神,这些都需要球探通过实际战斗观察来进行总结和判断。

Previously, the technical director of the Chinese Football Association, Kreis van Pwelder, used Belgian players Mertens and Lukaku as examples when talking about the selection of talents for the youth training. He emphasized that the selection of talents should not be based on physical fitness but on technical potential. , But Lukaku's example also shows that excellent physical fitness will still become the only weight to impress coaches.

此前,中国足球协会技术总监克雷斯·范·普维尔德(Kreis van Pwelder)在谈到为青年训练选拔人才时,以比利时球员默滕斯(Mertens)和卢卡库(Lukaku)为例。他强调,人才的选择不应基于身体健康,而应基于技术潜力。 ,但是卢卡库(Lukaku)的​​例子也表明,出色的身体素质仍将成为打动教练的唯一砝码。

"Weifang Cup" as an international youth football invitational tournament, every year clubs from Europe, America and Japan participate. As the saying goes, you can’t lose sight of a hero. We have also communicated with the head coaches of the participating teams and asked them about their selection methods.


Most clubs still focus on the three dimensions of physical, technical and intellectual, but the focus is slightly different. Most of the invited coaches said that personal skills are the most important thing, because the first touch of the ball and the talent displayed after a short period of training will determine whether the player can embark on a professional path in the future. Performance can actually be improved by relying on system training, so it is not a priority.


The Royal Spaniards from Spain and the Portuguese Sports of Portugal both focus on personal skills, especially sensitivity; the Wolves from the United Kingdom said that technology is prioritized but must also take care of the body; the Kashima Antlers of Japan puts emphasis on character And team spirit is the first priority, and then the technical level. Of course, there are exceptions. The head coach of Spartak Moscow from Russia is outspoken, and their selection is more focused on physical function and will examine the development of bones.

西班牙的皇家西班牙人和葡萄牙的葡萄牙体育都注重个人技巧,尤其是敏感性。来自英国的狼队表示,技术是优先事项,但也yobo体育app官方下载必须照顾身体;日本鹿岛鹿角注重个性,团队合作精神是第一要务,其次是技术水平。当然,也有例外。来自俄罗斯的Spartak Moscow的总教练直言不讳,他们的选择更加注重身体机能,并将研究骨骼的发育。

Through the analysis of the above cases, we can roughly see that the selection dimensions of youth training at home and abroad are basically physical, technical and spiritual (covering IQ, personality and consciousness, etc.), and then according to the different technical and tactical styles of their respective countries or clubs. The focus is different.


China has an extremely large population base and player potential. To fully utilize this advantage, a comprehensive youth training system is essential. To improve the selection of talents for youth training, the first is to expand the scope of selection, and secondly, to balance and further optimize the hard and soft indicators in the selection indicators, and finally form a selection system that meets the development of Chinese youth.


In recent years, our Luneng Youth Training has gradually established its own special football selection system: in accordance with the style and character requirements of "quick and smart", "smart and tough", the "six in one" (soccer awareness, football psychology, physical form) has been established. , Intellectual character, athletic quality, physiological function), solidify the selection process of "passing five barriers", optimize the "five entrances" of selection, and build a three-dimensional selection network based on the province, covering the whole country, and extending overseas.

近年来,我们的鲁能青年训练部逐步建立了自己的特殊足球选拔体系:按照“快而聪明”,“聪明而强悍”,“六合一”(足球意识,足球)的风格和性格要求。心理学,物理形式)已经建立。 ,智力,运动素质,生理功能),巩固“过五关”的选拔过程,优化选拔的“五个入口”,建立以省为基础,覆盖全国的三维yobo体育app官方下载选拔网络。扩展到海外。

In the future, we will continue to adhere to and explore the development path of youth training with Chinese characteristics, immerse ourselves in hard work, continue to work hard, and work hard for a long time, and strive to cultivate top domestic and world-level top talents, and make new achievements for the development of Chinese football. contribution.



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